I always love the format of blog since I am a 90s kid.

Maybe it’s the comfort of this personal yet open space, maybe it’s because thoughts are carefully curated into a few words and images; or perhaps it’s because you know that no one really reads your writings anyways: your secrets are exposed yet totally safe under the sun.

In 2019 I moved to Berlin with a suitcase, zero German skills, no job prospect and an expiring visa. Now four years have passed, I find myself standing at a similar threshold. Packing up the same suitcase, about to embark on a journey to find my if-there-is-any artistic self in the countryside of Japan.

I honestly don’t know what awaits me ahead, but I guess not knowing is my new plan; and I am good with following plans.

That’s why I am keeping a log book here. Even if all plans shall brutally fail and all dreams cruelly crushed, we are at least left with a black box.

With this I can take you on this unknown adventure. Which would probably be very silly and at times unbearable; but I can assure you, that every step I take would be with the most genuine intent.

so let us begin-


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